WHS presents 4/20

WHS presents 4/20 "Toking with the Dead" with Ben, Jeff, and Bill Diamond!

13 May, 2021

On 4/20 who better to have on other than network brothers and creators of Toking with the Dead, Ben Bartlett, and Jeff Homan! Toking with the Dead: When the apocalypse hits their world turning it upside down Duke and Tobi find themselves in the fight of a lifetime. Accidentally stumbling across the notion that cannabis has a unique effect on the undead. They find themselves fighting for survival from flesh-eating mutants, as well as the weed-eating undead. All the while trying to save humanity and their crops. Ben Bartlett: Benjamin is best known for his role in Texas Death Trippin (2019) as Tobi and in Untitled Mathew Fisher Project (filming) as Luke. Benjamin K Bartlett III was born in Plymouth, MA September 29th 1972. Where he attended the Plymouth school system until going to work in the construction industry. He is a 3 time Golden Poet Award winner for poems such as (Ole Glory) (Dad) & (3rd time charmed) as well as many others. While still in the construction industry he has started writing books, screenplays & comic books. He is a Co-Owner of Still Toking Enterprises Inc, as well as Still Toking Comic's publishing and Co- creator & lead writer of The Toking Dead Comic book series. A series based on educating through adult humor the positive effects of medical cannabis. Jeff Homan: Jeffrey Homan is a writer and producer, known for Toking with the Dead, Toking with the Dead I2 (Misfortune) and Still Toking with (2019).

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