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Who is "Tony Has 9 Fingers"?

WHAT UP PEOPLE!!!! I'm Tony. You can say I'm a DVD hoarder/collector. I'm a big fan of movies, I mean, who isn't? I do reviews, DVD/Blu-ray updates, movie recommendations and also a collection overview and PLENTY of unboxings on my YouTube channel (hint, it's the link on that awesome video at the top of this site). When I'm not doing videos on MY YouTube channel you can catch me Tuesday Nights at 9pm EST on The Dorkening, where we talk movies, games and much more, as well as Interview actors/actresses, directors, producers and more. So, after you check out and sub to MY YouTube channel pop over to the Dorkening for other great videos: I am also part of a podcast called Wicked Horror Show. The link BELOW that awesome video will take you to that YouTube channel. You definitely want to check it out. My goal is to open more eyes to films people might have never known existed.

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I post weekly movie reviews on my YouTube channel, TonyHas9Fingers. Make sure you visit the channel weekly for new reviews, and don't forget to subscribe!

Wicked Horror Show Podcast

The Wicked Horror Show is a weekly podcast where we interview celebrities of the horror genre. We've had guests such as Dee Wallace, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and more. We are a supporter of Indie Horror. You can find us live streaming on Tuesday nights 9pm EST

The Dorkening

The Dorkening is a collaboration between some #Dorks who have a passion for Movies, Tech, TV and Video Games. We produce multiple shows a week including our Tuesday show where we interview indie celebrities. #DorksRule

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Wicked Horror Show

The "Wicked Horror Show” is where we interview horror celebrities and indie filmmakers. Recently we’ve had the likes of Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace, Sid Haig, Barbara Crampton, Lloyd Kaufman and many others. The show is produced LIVE in front of an online audience where viewers can ask questions to our guests.

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